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Intensive Outpatient Treatment

intensive outpatient programAn intensive outpatient addiction treatment program may be recommended to people who have recently completed an inpatient treatment center or people who have completed inpatient treatment in the past but have experienced a relapse. Following a successful detox, an intensive outpatient program can allow people to continue their recovery therapy on a part-time yet intensive basis designed to accommodate their personal, family, and professional lives.
Outpatient addiction treatment is only meant for people who are desperate to be sober but are concerned about relapse. If you are not sure whether you really want to stop using drugs and alcohol, an outpatient program is not an appropriate treatment setting for you. At Rise Above, we administer drug tests frequently to ensure the integrity of our programs. If you’d like to learn more about our Murrieta addiction IOP, contact us by calling (877) 641-0717.

Your Transition from Inpatient Rehab Matters

Finishing an inpatient rehab is a major accomplishment; many people are eager to move on and have every intention of staying sober. Finally being sober after years of failed attempts even provides a high in itself. Of course, feeling cured is not the same as being cured. The gratitude, community, self-esteem, and financial rewards of sobriety need to be reinforced in order to withstand life’s obstacles. An IOP provides an excellent way to transition from an inpatient drug treatment program back into the real world. In Rise Above’s addiction treatment IOP, you will be assigned an individual therapist to meet with for individual therapy while you attend treatment. Process group sizes are small and do not exceed 10 people, allowing for individualized care for every person.

Murrieta Sober Events

Having a solid sober network after rehab can make the difference between maintaining recovery and falling back into old habits. With intensive outpatient addiction treatment, you will be able to establish a solid foundation for long-term recovery. In Rise Above’s addiction treatment IOP, you will be assigned an individual therapist to meet with for individual therapy while you attend treatment.

Finding the Right Level of Care for Addiction Treatment

If you are struggling with addiction, a clinician at Rise Above will work with you to decide which program fits your specific requirements and design an individual treatment plan. Each level of care at a good Murrieta rehab will include an array of therapies, services, events, and support. The benefits of completing an intensive outpatient treatment program can be enormous for people in recovery, but it isn’t right for everyone. In addition to our addiction IOP, our California rehab also offers the following programs:

Clients recovering in an outpatient addiction treatment center have more autonomy to pursue interests outside of our drug treatment campus. One of the most vital pillars for promoting lasting recovery and helping people avoid relapsing involves implementing concepts learned during inpatient rehabilitation. Developing new routines, attending regular AA or NA meetings, spending time with new people, and gaining diverse experiences can help people stay sober and fulfilled. Our addiction IOP helps facilitate these recovery-focused behaviors. Recovering in outpatient care allows clients to develop a more extensive network of family and friends who support their recovery.

An IOP Is a Sobriety Safeguard

With an outpatient drug treatment program like the IOP offered at Rise Above, you continue to live at your own home or in out Murrieta sober living during the addiction recovery process. You can remain in control of your own life. You can still go to work, support your family, and begin rebuilding your personal, family, and professional life with the help and support from our clinicians. Call our rehabilitation team today to get started.