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Sober Living Center


When you join us at Rise Above, our qualified addiction treatment team will develop an individualized treatment & psychotherapy plan to meet your specific needs. Our approach to treatment is different than what you’ll find in a typical California rehab setting.

sober living centerIn our sober living program at Rise Above, people develop the skills needed to cope with the daily struggles of being sober in a world that makes people want to use drugs. For people who are newly sober, preventing relapse is so much more manageable when the people around them in the evenings and on weekends have also experienced serious consequences surrounding drinking and drug use. If you are in the process of completing your stay at an inpatient California rehab and are interested in continuing your journey in sober living, we welcome you to Rise Above rehab and detox. Contact 855.948.6325 to learn more about our sober living program or reach out to us online.

Inpatient Rehab Next Steps

When people graduate from residential rehab, they are usually eager to jump back into their lives, equipped with insight and the drive to stay sober for life. While the desire to be sober may feel new, exciting, and unwavering, we have learned from experience that it often doesn’t last. We find that spending time in sober living allows people to transition back into life more effectively for a number of reasons. The first time you encounter an event or experience that makes you want to drink or use drugs, imagine if you knew you wouldn’t be able to fool the people living in your house. Now imagine that you’re trying to convince yourself to go to a meeting after work; would it help to have someone in your house also managing that same dilemma?

Sober Living Supports Sobriety

The people who come to our residential rehab are not just looking to get sober for a short time. They are looking for a permanent, life-altering change. Unfortunately, lasting results don’t happen overnight. Depending how long a person has been misusing substances, it can take years to really take hold of your recovery. A good sober living offers Murrieta residents the chance to establish roots in our recovery community, learn from peers, and have easy access to support services. In addition to out Murrieta sober living center, we also offer the following rehabilitation programs:
Your sponsor and therapist will have more insight about approaching sober living and what your timeline could look like. Being around people who drink alcohol and use drugs can make it extremely difficult to avoid relapsing, especially for a person who is newly sober. Unfortunately, many cultural, religious, social, and alumni events – things that keep us connected to our friends, family, and history – involve the use of alcohol and other drugs. Consider the following question when deciding whether to attend an event: Will I be able to put my sobriety first at this event? If you think you will be tempted, this isn’t weakness; it’s self-awareness.

Sober Living that Works for You

Even if you try to avoid situations where drinking and drugs are likely to be present, you might occasionally still get cravings after you get sober. Instead of ignoring the temptation to use alcohol or drugs, you may find it helpful to acknowledge your desire to use with another sober living resident, therapist, or staff member. They will be able to remind you of the consequences and help you stay on track. Your sober network will help you remember the pain of relapse and how your experiences with drugs and alcohol in the past have affected your life. If drugs and alcohol have caused a multitude of problems in your life, it is best to avoid these substances indefinitely. To find an available bed in one of America’s best sober living houses, contact our team by calling 855.948.6325.