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What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

a patient meets with a therapist and the therapist explains what is partial hospitalization program

Transitioning back to regular life after treatment is a scary and overwhelming time. Those in recovery are likely to encounter new challenges as they work to maintain their sobriety in the long term. Residential treatment is a more controlled environment with constant supervision. When you return home, you must hold yourself accountable for your recovery and make safe, healthy choices that do not put your sobriety at risk. Continuing other treatment programs after going through residential rehab can make for a more effective and successful recovery journey. Achieving long-term recovery is a lengthy process that requires effort and dedication.

At Rise Above Treatment, we provide a variety of treatments to assist our clients through each stage of the recovery process. Once an individual has gone through drug and alcohol detox, they can progress through programs like partial hospitalization and eventually return home as a healthier, sober person.

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

You may be wondering, what is a partial hospitalization program? It is Rise Above Treatment’s highest-level outpatient program, where clients live in our homestyle addiction treatment center and receive medical care for 60 or more days. A partial hospitalization program offers people in recovery the time to reflect, educate themselves, receive therapy, and participate in group therapy. This allows clients to improve their resolve, dedication, and confidence in their recovery.

When someone struggles with physical and psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol, it is hard to overcome. Our sizeable medical staff has experience helping patients through withdrawal and developing healthy habits and coping mechanisms. Clients participate in programs that help them learn to regulate their emotions, identify triggers, and manage stress healthily. These are all essential skills and techniques for maintaining healthy, lasting recovery. In a partial hospitalization program, those in recovery can be in a safe environment with the resources they need to get their life back on track.

Benefits of Partial Hospitalization and What to Expect

Your needs and experiences with addiction will inform your recovery journey. Many clients would benefit from a partial hospitalization program, especially those who require more supervision or attention. Our program is very effective for individuals committed to sobriety and willing to work on improving their mental and emotional health.

Some of the important benefits of partial hospitalization are:

  • Provides a smooth transition from inpatient treatment to everyday life
  • A flexible schedule allows clients to take care of responsibilities at home or work
  • Lowers the risk of relapse
  • Regular meetings with medical staff and counselors
  • Access to individual and group therapy programs
  • A more affordable treatment option

At Rise Above Treatment, our program takes place Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3:30 pm. Our Murrieta drug rehab campus provides clients with a safe, supportive environment to continue their recovery progress. Individuals have weekly therapy sessions and experience social events and adventures. Since our location is only an hour away from the beach, these include hiking excursions, sports competitions, and trips to the beach. Through our program, clients build healthy support systems and learn to cope with feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and depression positively and healthily.

Finding a Partial Hospitalization Program Near Me at Rise Above Treatment

Many people find their treatment program by searching terms like partial hospitalization program near me. If you live in the Southern California area, you should consider Rise Above Treatment. We are located in Murrieta, California, and provide our clients with a safe, supportive environment that allows them to focus on their recovery, free from distractions. Our partial hospitalization program is effective in helping individuals learn how to maintain their sobriety long-term, yet it offers them the flexibility to fulfill their personal and professional responsibilities. Contact Rise Above Treatment at (877) 641-0717 to learn more about how our partial hospitalization program can help you.

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