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3 Reasons to Find Intervention Services in Murrieta

intervention services in murrieta

You have a loved one who is engaging in substance abuse. You’re frustrated that they don’t stop using. Yet, you are also overwhelmed at the thought that they could die from their condition. What do you do? An intervention may help turn a behavioral addiction into an opportunity to heal. Our team at Rise Above Treatment can support you through these complicated instances. To learn more about our intervention services in Murrieta, call our team at (877) 641-0717. We offer an array of treatment programs and therapies to get your loved one the support they need to heal. We’ll be happy to guide you through our early intervention program.

What Is an Intervention?

When a person has a substance abuse problem, they can often see what is happening to them and its impact on you and your health. Therefore it becomes necessary for those close to them to seek out that type of support. An intervention is a way to do that. It involves helping your loved one see what their addiction is doing and encourages them to get help. It also can create rules if your loved one fails to act.

3 Reasons You Should Use Rise Above’s Intervention Services in Murrieta

It may seem easy for a loved one to decide to get help. It rarely is. It is often very complex and can lead to a wide range of complications. Substance abuse can also be impossible to stop alone. Due to the brain and body changes, it may be impossible for your loved one to stop using substances.

What can an intervention do for your loved one, then? Consider these four reasons to stage one.

  1. You want your loved one to see that their addiction has impacted not just their life but also the lives of others around them. Use facts and specific examples to demonstrate this.
  2. It creates boundaries. In an intervention, it is possible to tell your loved one you no longer will support them financially or in any other way unless they get help.
  3. Interventions help to force a person to decide to get help. They no longer have the ability to keep brushing family and friends off.

Also, let’s not forget, an intervention may save your loved one’s life. The next time they use it, they may overdose. They may not be willing to get help for their behavioral addiction any other way.

You can’t force a person to get into the right addiction treatment program. You can encourage them and make it hard for them to continue living the same path they are now. During an intervention, you should your loved one that you’ll be there to support them through the process if they accept it. That can give them the confidence and motivation to reach out for their substance abuse help.

Addiction Treatment Programs Available

If your loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder, now is the time to get them help. Our team in Murrieta, CA offers comprehensive support – from helping you to set up and manage the intervention to ensuring that it goes well. The process is not exactly as you’ve seen it on television, but it can be a very useful process that can support your loved one in getting the help they need.

Call Rise Above Treatment to Learn More About Intervention Services in Murrieta

At Rise Above Treatment, we provide a wide range of supportive services, including intervention support. If you have a loved one struggling with substance abuse, or any behavioral addiction, it’s time to get help. Our team can provide you with the tools, insights, and resources to start. To learn more, call (877) 641-0717 or connect with us online.

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