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When you join us at Rise Above, our qualified addiction treatment team will develop an individualized treatment & psychotherapy plan to meet your specific needs. Our approach to treatment is different than what you’ll find in a typical California rehab setting.

5 Benefits of Detox

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Drugs and alcohol use is easy to begin but often hard to stop. Both substances can make users forget life’s challenges and focus on the moment. However, when the moment is over, you will be left struggling to live your life. A drug and alcohol detox program can support you in reaching sobriety.

What Are The Stages of Detox?

The detoxification process is not easy. For substance users, it requires that they find the strength to remain disciplined throughout the process. The detox process is customized to meet the needs of each person. Here are some steps that are generally followed:

  • Evaluation. Professionals will determine the best treatment program for you based on your condition and history of use. Not only will a person’s physical state be evaluated, but also their mental health.
  • Stabilization. You will begin your journey to becoming sober. Your body will need to stabilize without the use of drugs. Throughout this stage, your mental and physical health will be evaluated.
  • Preparation. You will receive education and support to help you with your sobriety. You will receive continuous treatment so that you can remain drug or alcohol-free.

5 Benefits of Detox

Once you have decided to participate in the detoxification process, it is easy to become discouraged and desire your drug or alcohol of choice. However, consider the challenges you will face if you start using drugs or alcohol again. Always remember that there are many great reasons to detox. Here are a few:

  1. Improved Physical Well-Being. Long-term use of drugs and alcohol can change your body. Some people lack coordination and energy, while some are always tired. Once you participate in a detox program and the drugs leave your body, your body will heal. As you continue to recover, your physical health will improve as well.
  2. Enhanced Self-Esteem. When you decided to stop abusing drugs or alcohol, that was the first step in the right direction. When you undergo a detox program, you are taking even greater steps in your life. The achievement associated with detox will boost your confidence, helping you to remain sober.
  3. Enhanced Mental Health. It is not uncommon for people using drugs or alcohol to have mental health challenges. While some people’s mental health challenges result from addiction, others have a pre-existing condition. When you participate in a detox in a structured, safe environment, you are also participating in therapy, which will help you to gain clarity in your life.
  4. Restored Relationships. When you use drugs or alcohol for long periods, you can hurt your relationships. Family and friends could have been affected by your abuse. However, by going through detox and then remaining sober, you have the power to rekindle your relationships.
  5. Rebuild Your Finances. After you complete your detox, you will have the opportunity to manage your finances again. It will take time to make better decisions, but with support, it is possible.

Learn More About Drug and Alcohol Detox at Rise Above Treatment

Drugs and alcohol have the power to alter our brains. They can affect how we feel about ourselves and our ability to succeed in life. If you are ready to stop the vicious cycle of substance use, Rise Above Treatment is here to support you. Our team of professionals will build a custom treatment program that will support you through all stages of detox.

Our detoxification process will help you have limited withdrawal symptoms while healing your mind and body. Once you have completed your detox program, you will have the support of a sober living community that will help you to improve your finances and find ways to restore your old relationships. Contact us today at 855.948.6325 and start at Rise Above Treatment. The benefits of a detox program will support you much greater than any substance ever will.

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