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Do I Need a Drug Rehab Near San Diego?

Choosing to seek help for a substance abuse issue might be the most challenging decision you will ever make. Especially if you are considering seeking treatment for the first time, you may feel hesitant and want to know more about what to expect. You may not even be certain that you need professional help for substance abuse. There are many options for addiction treatment in California, but how can you tell which one is right for you? Learning more about substance abuse treatment near San Diego can reassure you and help you make good decisions about what to do.

How To Tell If You Need To Seek Help for Substance Abuse

It may seem like a simple answer, but if you think you might need help, then you probably do. If your use of substances creates conflicts and difficulties in your life, then getting help is a wise choice. If you aren’t sure whether or not you need help for substance abuse, here are some questions you can ask yourself to help clear things up:


  • Do you try to hide the extent of your drug use from others?
  • Are you having financial problems because of drugs?
  • Have you found yourself feeling distant from friends and loved ones?
  • Would you feel uncomfortable if you had to go somewhere where you could not use drugs?
  • Has someone you care about confronted you about your drug use?
  • Are you getting into trouble at work or school?
  • Have you had interactions with law enforcement?

What Is a Drug Rehab Center Near San Diego Like?

Sunny Southern California is a great place to start your new sober life. However, before you can enjoy all that the San Diego area has to offer, you have to start the hard work of recovery. Detox can be scary, but with the right help and support, you can get through it in relative comfort.

At a drug treatment center, you will be evaluated by staff when you arrive, and they will begin to develop an individualized treatment plan that will work best for you. If you are worried about going through withdrawal, medical staff will assess you and determine if you need medicines or treatments to help you navigate the withdrawal process safely and comfortably.

During your time at the treatment program, you will participate in various therapies and activities designed to help you heal from the trauma of addiction, discover the root causes of your substance abuse, and develop strategies to give you the best advantage as you start your new sober life.

What Happens After Rehab?

Most drug rehab programs either have their aftercare programs or have relationships with such programs in the community. Whether it is an intensive outpatient program, a peer support group, or a sober living community, it is vital to remain connected to people who honor and support you in your recovery. Building a strong support network while in treatment will help you maintain a lasting recovery when treatment is complete. Also, in aftercare programs, you will be able to continue developing life skills that reinforce your recovery and will help you navigate the world as a sober person.

Rise Above Treatment Can Help With Drug Rehab Near San Diego

At Rise Above Treatment, we understand that our clients are real people who need real help. Our treatment programs offer solutions based on best clinical practices delivered in a way that works for real people’s lives. If you or a loved one have been struggling with substance abuse, don’t wait – reach out to us today at (877) 641-0717 and let our caring and knowledgeable staff members tell you how we can help.

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