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Having Faith in Recovery

therapists encouraging client to have faith in recovery

Deciding to enter an addiction treatment program is the first step toward recovery. Tapping your faith and believing in a higher power can also assist you in not only reaching recovery but remaining sober. A faith-based treatment program will help you cement your identity as a person desiring sobriety, community, and purpose.

People of all religious backgrounds are welcomed into the Rise Above Treatment community. We use the Life Recovery Bible to guide participants working to move past substance abuse and remain in recovery. You can learn more about Rise Above Treatment’s faith-based recovery program by reaching out to us at (877) 641-0717.

What Is a Faith-Based Recovery Program?

Medical and mental health support are two traditional ways of helping substance abusers overcome their addiction. A faith-based recovery program is an added layer of support, allowing people to take a spiritual approach to their recovery. Programs integrating spirituality will help you build a stronger relationship with God. Having a strong relationship with God will help you to overcome navigate:

  • Substance abuse
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Having faith in your recovery can help you overcome traumas and personal experiences that have allowed you to depend on substances as coping mechanisms.

What Are The Benefits of Integrating Faith With Recovery?

Seeking a spiritual intervention while also getting medical and mental health support is beneficial to your recovery journey. Some benefits of faith-based recovery include:

Strengthening Your Belief In A Higher Power

When people are on the journey to recovery, they can feel isolated and struggle to move forward. In a program with spirituality at its center, you will be able to shift your mindset from hopeless to hopeful. Placing your trust in God or another higher power will allow you to receive love and acceptance based on your future, not your past.

Work With Mentors Who Have Experienced Your Challenges

Recovering from addiction is no easy feat. At every step of the way, you will need a compassionate community to hold you accountable. And who better to do this than people who have walked the same path as you? In the faith in recovery program, mentors will help you find the answers you need to trust yourself and God to get through the process.

Long-Term Support

Not only will you receive help during your program, but long after. Being able to develop relationships with others based on your spiritual beliefs will assist you in remaining sober. One of the difficulties associated with sobriety is restoring old relationships that were traumatized due to your substance abuse. A community of others who have experienced these same issues will support you in leaning on God to navigate these challenging moments.

Rely On Faith To Make Recovery A Reality At Rise Above Treatment

It takes great courage to include faith in recovery. You are leaning on modern medicine and mental health professionals and the belief in a higher being. At Rise Above Treatment, our faith-based recovery program is called “Building on the Rock.” Our clients use their spirituality to reflect on their past challenges, transform their beliefs, and focus on setting strong goals for the rest of their lives. Our faith-based program is included in the following programs:

  • Inpatient rehabilitation
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Outpatient rehabilitation
  • Sober Living

Our clients can also receive individual and group therapy sessions as part of the spirituality-based programming. If you are ready to incorporate God’s love and trust into your life and recover from substance abuse, contact us at (877) 641-0717. Trusting God will place you one step closer to finding the inspiration necessary to break any difficulty in your life.

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