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Risks of Drug Detox at Home

drug detox at home

Addiction to drugs or alcohol creates struggles in a person’s life that are difficult to stomach when they’re sober. Although drug and alcohol detox centers are present to support people to achieve sobriety, it is not always easy for people to take the first step and receive professional support. Instead, they want to detox at home and maintain a sense of privacy. Yet, there are many risks associated with quitting cold turkey. Rise Above Treatment supports the needs of people who want to detox in the comfort of their own homes with the assistance of professional medical staff. Contact an addiction specialist at (877) 641-0717 to find out the advantages of our services.

Detoxing Is More Successful When People Have Help

Many people decide to detox at home because they want to feel a sense of privacy while also maintaining their daily schedule. Detoxing at home might be much more comfortable for some people than participating in an inpatient treatment center. And others might want the support of family and friends as they undergo their detox. Yet, the biggest reason people want to undergo treatment at home: they do not want to disrupt their schedule.

Performing a drug detox at home comes with many risks that will far outweigh your privacy or maintaining your daily schedule. Here are some ways that an unsupervised drug detox can be risky:


The cravings for drugs and the withdrawal symptoms can be very challenging. The intense feelings associated with needing to use a drug to achieve a specific feeling increase when you try to detox without support. In addition, the withdrawal symptoms–which can sometimes be quite painful–can also increase the urge to begin using drugs again. Ultimately, the cravings and withdrawal symptoms can make someone relapse.


When someone uses drugs for prolonged periods of time, they build a tolerance to the substance. When you stop using, your tolerance will be weakened. If you begin using drugs again when your tolerance is low, you can experience an overdose.

Increased Anxiety or Depression

A drug detox without professional support could lead to mental health challenges. When a person decides to stop using drugs, they will have to learn how to deal with the change physically and mentally.

Health Challenges

When you stop using drugs, your body can react negatively. Medical complications such as difficulty breathing, heart problems, and even seizures are symptoms consistently related to detox without professional support.

What Happens at Our Murrieta Detox?

Prolonged drug abuse will change the way your brain operates. Drug addiction often makes users participate in risky behavior and make decisions that are not in their best interest. However, making the decision to stop using drugs is a step in the right direction. The next step can be medication-assisted Treatment to help you reclaim your life. A treatment program will be run by a team of medical professionals who will decide the right prescription to support your transition.

Begin Your Journey to Sober Living at Rise Above Treatment

If you are ready to end your drug or alcohol abuse, there’s no reason even to consider quitting cold turkey. Performing a drug detox at home comes with many risks that present medical complications, relapse, and, worse, overdose. Ending addiction requires medical Treatment and support to recover your body and mind. Rise Above Treatment’s medication-assisted Treatment can support you by:

  • Making your detox experience more comfortable by easing the cravings associated with drug use
  • Decreasing the risk of overdose as a result of relapse
  • Helping you not make irrational decisions that could hurt your sobriety

Our Murrieta detox is here to help you as you reach your sobriety. We offer a variety of options to support your recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. From residential to outpatient treatment programs, our mission is cemented in the power of sober living. Stop taking risks and detoxing at home. Contact us at (877) 641-0717 to get the professional support you need to end your addiction.

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