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Signs It’s Time to Stage an Early Intervention in San Diego

a perso speaks with a therapist during an Intervention san diego

When a person struggles with addiction, they are not the only person impacted. Their friends, family, and loved ones are also affected. If someone you care about is suffering from substance abuse, it can be hard to approach them about seeking treatment. Encouraging someone to seek treatment is a difficult conversation. Those struggling can become defensive or angry about being confronted over their addiction. If you are unsure whether it is time to stage an intervention for a loved one, there are signs to look out for and resources that can help you. An early intervention program in San Diego is one of the many services we offer at Rise Above Treatment to help clients and their loved ones during each stage of recovery.

Signs to Stage an Early Intervention

People struggling with addiction are likely to face dangerous physical and mental symptoms. It can be challenging for them to admit or face the severity of their substance abuse and its toll on their lives. This can make it hard to approach a loved one with your concerns over their addiction. An early intervention program helps concerned family and friends talk to their loved ones living with addiction. An intervention counselor works with the individual struggling with addiction and their family members, providing proper support to navigate the conversation. The goal is to urge and encourage the person to willingly attend treatment.

Signs it’s time to stage an early intervention are:

  • Your loved one denies they have a problem with substance abuse
  • They are engaging in destructive behavior
  • They are refusing treatment
  • They are lying to you
  • Your loved one’s physical and mental health is deteriorating
  • They are barely getting by financially
  • They are isolating themselves from friends and family

It can be hard to know if it is the right time to stage an early intervention. However, if you have noticed a combination of the signs above, your loved one would benefit from early intervention. Encouraging someone struggling with addiction to seek treatment early can get them the help they need and prevent further damage to their physical and mental well-being.

Finding an Early Intervention Program in San Diego

If you have difficulty approaching your loved one about their addiction, an early intervention program can help you. Finding an early intervention program in San Diego or Southern California can feel overwhelming, but there are many early intervention programs in the area. It is never too late to stage an intervention and convince your loved one to get the care they need. Rise Above Treatment, located only an hour away in Murrieta, California, can help those looking for early intervention in San Diego. We offer intervention services to help family members through the process of staging an intervention for their loved one. If your family lives in California, Rise Above Treatment can help arrange face-to-face intervention with both parties and an intervention counselor.
Early Intervention Program at Rise Above Treatment in Murrietta, California

Located in Murrieta, California, Rise Above Treatment is a short drive from San Diego. We provide quality treatment and care for Southern California residents. An early intervention program is one of the many programs and services we offer for our clients. When a loved one is struggling with addiction, it can be hard to approach them about getting help. At Rise Above Treatment, our early intervention program can help family members and the individual suffering from substance abuse have a healthy and productive conversation. Encouraging someone you care about to seek treatment can be challenging, but it is worth it. Reach out to Rise Above Treatment at (877) 641-0717 to learn more about how we can help you.

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