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Signs You Need Intensive Outpatient Treatment

two people talk during Intensive outpatient treatment

Addiction treatment and recovery is an ongoing process. Once the initial stages of addiction treatment like detox and withdrawal are complete, many program options exist to continue treatment. Clients must continue to work towards recovery, whether attending a residential program, sober living, or participating in therapy programs. They should continue participating in additional treatment programs to ensure they develop the tools and strategies needed to maintain long-term sobriety. Intensive outpatient treatment is a primary treatment program for addiction recovery. Rise Above Treatment provides many addiction treatment programs, including intensive outpatient treatment.

What Is Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

Intensive outpatient treatment is an addiction treatment program where clients have the flexibility to return home while still receiving structured treatment and accountability. Our intensive outpatient treatment program at Rise Above Treatment provides the latest evidence-based treatments and therapies. We also work with our clients to provide an individualized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs. After undergoing detox, an intensive outpatient program can allow clients to continue their recovery therapy on a part-time, intensive schedule that fits in with their schedule and personal lives.

The benefits of an intensive outpatient program are:

  • Being able to return home while still receiving structured therapy
  • Developing a more extensive network of friends and family
  • Being able to attend work or school
  • Outpatient rehab is less expensive than residential treatment
  • Pursuing individual interests and hobbies outside of treatment

Intensive outpatient treatment can be helpful for many people going through recovery. An IOP allows clients to live at home and gain more control over their lives after the early stages of treatment. Making the transition out of treatment can present new challenges, but intensive outpatient treatment can help make the adjustment process easier.

Do I Need Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

Many people would benefit from intensive outpatient treatment. The recovery process is not an easy one. Clients may face new hardships and challenges as they work towards maintaining their sobriety. If you are asking yourself, “Do I need intensive outpatient treatment?” the answer could be yes. Intensive outpatient treatment can be the next logical step if you have just finished detox or residential treatment. Recovery specialists may also recommend intensive outpatient treatment for clients who do not need detox or residential treatment. Continuing intensive, structured treatment while having the flexibility that comes with living at home can help ease the transition from treatment to regular life.

Signs you may need intensive outpatient treatment are:

  • You require more structure and accountability after treatment
  • You want to get back to work and other responsibilities
  • You are eager and committed to staying sober
  • You want to rebuild relationships with friends and family
  • You want to regain some independence
  • You have a safe and healthy home environment to return to after treatment

Transitioning from a rehab program or residential treatment can be overwhelming or intimidating. Clients can face challenges and triggers such as stress or negative past relationships that increase the risk of relapse. However, intensive outpatient treatment can help clients adjust to normal life in a way that is healthy and positive.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment at Rise Above Treatment in Murrieta, California

Addiction is a serious illness that requires professional help and treatment for people to heal properly. Participating in an intensive outpatient treatment program can significantly impact your recovery journey. There are many benefits to IOP. Clients can live at home while still receiving comprehensive treatment, allowing them to remain in control of their life. Contact Rise Above Treatment at (877) 641-0717 to learn more about our intensive outpatient treatment program and other services. Our online form is another convenient way to get started with your treatment plan. Find out how today.

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