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What Is an Early Intervention Program?

People asking each other, "What is an early intervention program?"

Addiction significantly impacts all aspects of an individual’s life, including health, safety, financial stability, and relationships. When someone is struggling with substance abuse, it also takes a toll on those around them. Approaching a loved one about their addiction and encouraging them to seek treatment can be uncomfortable and challenging. It is a difficult conversation to navigate and requires patience and understanding. However, it is critical for those struggling with addiction to seek professional treatment where they can go through recovery safely and effectively.

If you’re in California and wondering, “Where can I find an early intervention program near me?” Look no further than Rise Above Treatment. We offer a program for early intervention in Murrieta, CA, to assist people and educate them on how to build an intervention.

What Is an Early Intervention Program?

Our early intervention program is available to help families dealing with addiction in California. When an individual is living with addiction, they may be in denial about the detrimental effects their addiction is having on their physical and mental health. However, they often face severe risks and dangers. If an individual does not receive treatment for their addiction, it can lead to extreme health consequences and an overdose. It is critical to encourage your loved one to seek professional treatment, but the conversation will likely not be easy. That is why an early intervention program can benefit many families.

Our staff can organize face-to-face interventions with individuals struggling with addiction and their family members or close friends. With our early intervention program, an intervention counselor is present to help facilitate the conversation. They work with everyone to keep the conversation focused and provide the necessary skills to offer firm but compassionate support. During the intervention, the counselor will also work on creating an intervention strategy with the family members that they can tailor to the client and their loved ones to best address their specific needs.

Benefits of Undergoing an Early Intervention Program

Our program helps make the intervention process more productive. We offer family, one-on-one, guided, and group interventions. If you are considering an early intervention program, there are many benefits.

The advantages of undergoing an early intervention program are the following:

  • Early intervention can help minimize some of the harmful physical and mental side effects of addiction.
  • A trained intervention counselor will facilitate the conversation.
  • Family members feel less stressed after the intervention.
  • Ongoing intervention can increase the chances of lifelong sobriety.
  • Friends and family members can understand and correct any behaviors of their own that could impact their loved one’s substance use disorder (SUD).

Arranging an intervention is an extensive task. Finding an early intervention program near you can ensure that you and your loved one struggling with addiction can speak openly and honestly.

Finding an Early Intervention Program in California

There are many options for those trying to find an early intervention program in the Golden State. At Rise Above Treatment, our early intervention program is available to people in Southern California. When an individual agrees to receive treatment, our facility offers many treatment and therapy programs. The additional programs and services we provide clients include:

  • Drug and alcohol detox center
  • Dual diagnosis treatment program
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Medication-assisted treatment program
  • Residential treatment center
  • Relapse prevention plan
  • Sober living center

Our program helps make the process easier for family members looking to get their one the help they need.

Find an Early Intervention Program in Murrieta, CA, at Rise Above Treatment

What is an early intervention program? It helps friends and family members stage an intervention with an intervention counselor where they can confront their loved one struggling with addiction productively. Be sure to get help. Contact Rise Above Treatment today at (877) 641-0717 to speak with an interventionist and learn more about our program.

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