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Why Early Intervention for Substance Abuse Is So Important

family members gather to help a person with an Early intervention for substance abuse

Speaking with a family member or loved one about their addiction is a challenging experience. When an individual is struggling with addiction, they may be in denial about it or the extent of the problem. They may be angry when confronted and unwilling to listen to what you have to say. Supporting and encouraging a loved one to seek professional treatment requires patience and persistence. There is no set script you can tell your loved one to get them to receive treatment. No matter how delicately you approach the subject, they may still feel offended or embarrassed. Because of their addiction, the problems and side effects may be obvious to you but will not be to them.

If you are struggling with getting through to your loved one, Rise Above Treatment can assist you. We aim to help our clients and their family members through each stage of recovery. Early intervention for substance abuse can prevent an individual’s addiction from worsening. Staging an early intervention for substance abuse can be challenging. At Rise Above Treatment, we provide an early intervention program to help families stage an effective intervention for their loved ones.

What Is Early Intervention for Substance Abuse?

An early intervention substance abuse program helps families stage an intervention with their loved ones struggling with addiction. An intervention counselor is present to facilitate the conversation. Those living with addiction can be in denial and feel attacked when confronted about their substance abuse. The interventionist works with everyone involved to ensure everyone feels heard and that the conversation is productive. An early intervention substance abuse program can also provide family members with an intervention outline and help them understand what to expect during recovery. Confronting someone about their addiction is uncomfortable, but it can give them the push they need to get treatment.

The intervention programs we provide at Rise Above Treatment are:

  • Family interventions
  • Group interventions
  • Guided interventions
  • One-on-one interventions

The individual living with addiction is not the only one impacted by their substance abuse. Family members and loved ones are also significantly affected. A professional interventionist makes the process easier and more effective for everyone involved. In an early intervention substance abuse program, there is a higher chance that clients will be receptive to the support and encouragement of their family members.

Why Is Early Intervention Important for Substance Abuse?

So, why is early intervention necessary for substance abuse? Because staging an intervention is not a small task, those struggling with addiction are often in denial. An early intervention addiction program can pair you with an interventionist who can make the process easier and more productive. There are many benefits to an early intervention program for substance.

The benefits of early intervention are:

  • Family members feel less stressed
  • Staging an early intervention can lessen the long-term physical symptoms of addiction
  • Ongoing intervention can increase the likelihood of lifelong recovery
  • Family members can understand and address any of their behaviors that could have contributed to or impacted their loved one’s substance abuse
  • An intervention counselor trained in facilitating and staging an intervention can increase success chances

In an early intervention addiction program, the interventionist serves as an intermediary between the family member and the individual struggling with addiction. Everyone is encouraged to speak openly and have their concerns addressed. Early intervention provides family members with assistance as they look to get their loved one struggling with addiction the treatment they need.

Early Intervention Program at Rise Above Treatment

If you have a family member struggling with addiction and live in California, Rise Above Treatment can help you stage an intervention. Contact Rise Above Treatment at (877) 641-0717 to learn more about our early intervention program.

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