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Why is Medical Detox So Effective?

Why is Medical Detox So Effective? Rise Above Treatment

The detoxification process refers to cleansing the body of toxins and substances, in the case of addiction, the targeted substance to be detoxed would be alcohol or drugs. The liver is always working overtime to detox one’s body on its own, but in addiction the liver often becomes overwhelmed and cannot function as effectively as it should. A medical detox is the first stage in addiction recovery, and focuses on the physical aspects of addiction – removing the dependence one has on their substance of choice.

What is Medical Detox?

During addiction, users often become dependent on the substances they are partaking in, and if they were to abruptly stop use they may experience a number of physical and psychological challenges that could be avoided. This does not mean that the answer is to remain addicted, but rather that medical detox could be the right solution. Medical detox allows patients to undergo withdrawal in a supervised setting, where medical professionals can monitor their comfort and status, providing supportive medication as they see fit. This process is often used at the beginning of addiction treatment, assisting patients through a challenging withdrawal process in a manner that is sustainable. Once the patient has undergone medical detox, they are then ready to begin the other stages of recovery.

Why is Medical Detox More Effective?

Medical detox differs from tapering off or “cold turkey” quitting substances by alleviating the majority of challenges and side effects. In the case of alcohol or benzodiazepines, withdrawal symptoms can be severe enough to be life threatening, often resulting in a relapse to soothe the pain. Medical detox involves the prescribing of medications by professionals that can keep patients comfortable and reduce cravings during initial stages of recovery. Being done in a supervised setting, medical staff is also readily available to intervene and advise patients as needed for the best results.

Potential Side Effects During Withdrawal

During any type of detox, patients may experience a number of side effects or discomforts. This can include anything from head and body aches to insomnia and other sleep issues, and go as far as to appear as flu-like symptoms. 

Depending on how dependent a patient is, they may experience different side effects. In addition to the frequency of substance use, the amount of different substances being used must be considered. For example, a patient who is seeking medical detox for only alcohol will have a different experience than those who are seeking treatment for multiple substances such as alcohol and opioids. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has a comprehensive resource detailing both the health effects and withdrawal symptoms of the most commonly abused substances in the country.

What to Expect in Medical Detox

As mentioned, the medical detox process is conducted at the beginning of addiction treatment, and is done through inpatient care. Medical detox cannot be done through outpatient or partial hospitalization programs, because the patient must be able to be monitored at all times to ensure successful outcomes. Medical detox centers such as Rise Above Treatment are equipped to handle patients at all stages of addiction, from early intervention to long-term users.

When the patient arrives, they will meet with a licensed care provider who will assess their condition and get them set up with a care plan specifically tailored to their needs. Rise Above Treatment offers medical detox treatment in a setting that is comfortable, inviting, and does not feel like a hospital. Our staff is experienced and equipped with the background knowledge to provide care that yields long-lasting results. We help you establish a sober living community that is supportive and helps you create a life without substance dependence. Together, we can set expectations that are reasonable and recovery focused – with the first step being medical detox to cut out substance use.

About Rise Above Treatment

Rise Above Treatment is a Murrieta, California based addiction treatment center that is committed to helping people recover from drug, alcohol, and other mental health concerns that are holding them back. We offer a range of services, including medical detox, residential rehab, addiction PHP, sober living options, and intensive outpatient programs. If you or a loved one is experiencing addiction, visit us at or give us a call at ‭(855) 948-6325‬ and begin your journey to recovery.

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