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Attending Outpatient Rehab Near San Diego

Completing an inpatient treatment program is just one step in your recovery—the next step: an intensive outpatient program. An outpatient rehab program is for people who have recently finished an inpatient treatment program or those who have relapsed. It allows people to remain in recovery–on a part-time basis–to restore relationships with their important family and friends. If you are serious about navigating your addiction recovery, an intensive outpatient program in Murrieta, CA, supports your needs.

Rise Above Treatment is a treatment program offering several treatment options to people ready to get on the road to recovery and remain sober.

Types Of Addiction Treatment

When you are on the road to recovery, you need support. Outpatient rehab in San Diego will help you in achieving your goals. There is the ability to get treatment for the following substance use disorders:

  • Alcohol such as liquor, beer, and wine
  • Opioids including fentanyl, heroin, OxyContin, and Percocet
  • Benzodiazepines such as Xanax and Klonopin
  • Stimulants like amphetamines, cocaine, and meth
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription Drugs

Benefits of An Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

An outpatient program might appear more difficult. After all, you will still face the same triggers and challenges that set you down the road to addiction. It will take great willpower to withstand temptations. However, addiction recovery through an intensive outpatient treatment program has many advantages. Here are a few:

  • Maintain responsibilities. If you need the flexibility to continue attending school, going to work, or taking care of your family, you need an intensive outpatient program. You will learn essential lessons by attending individual and group therapy programs.
  • Support from your family and friends. There’s no reason to isolate yourself as you continue your addiction recovery. Isolating yourself is one of the worst mistakes you can ever make. Instead, rely on your circle of friends and family who want you to continue recovery and remain sober.
  • Less Expensive. Outpatient rehab in San Diego is less costly than an inpatient treatment program. While you won’t have the luxury of participating in a residential program, you will have the opportunity to begin fighting your addiction.
  • Peer Support. Fighting addiction cannot happen alone. You need a support system. An outpatient program will provide you with a nurturing environment. Physicians, mental health professionals, and other professionals will provide you with expert support. However, peers–who are experiencing the same feelings and challenges as you–will help you build a deeply connected community of people who will understand your journey.
  • Privacy. In some instances, people feel shameful about attending a rehabilitation program to fight their addiction. However, getting professional help and peer support in a treatment program is possible with an intensive outpatient program. You will be able to confidently attend programs without feeling like anyone knows your business as our staff believes in privacy and discretion.

These are just a few of the immediate benefits of participating in an outpatient treatment program. You’ll find that Rise Above Treatment offers several therapeutic approaches and other programs to cater to each person’s needs.

Addiction Recovery in San Diego Is Possible With Rise Above Treatment

Navigating drug or alcohol abuse is never easy. If you have responsibilities such as work and family or seek a low-cost option, but you are committed to ending your addiction, an outpatient rehab in San Diego can help.

At Rise Above Treatment, we offer several intensive outpatient addiction treatment options. Intensive outpatient is offered to:

  • Completed an inpatient treatment program
  • Relapsed after attending an inpatient treatment program
  • Need to maintain responsibilities such as family and work

An outpatient program will only work if you remain committed to remaining sober. We provide drug tests frequently to maintain the integrity of our programs.

Contact us at (877) 641-0717 to continue your road to recovery.

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