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Early Intervention for Positive Addiction Recovery

Early Intervention for Positive Addiction Recovery

Early intervention can make a significant difference in the addiction recovery process. Although it’s never too late to seek treatment, the sooner you begin recovery, the better the outcomes. Likewise, the longer you are abusing drugs and alcohol, the harder and more complicated it is to detox and complete rehab. Early intervention often results in positive addiction recovery that lasts a lifetime.

A Critical Look at Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is not a black and white condition. Its roots lie in a mental disorder called “Substance Use Disorder.” Those struggling with this condition lack the ability to control their drug and alcohol consumption, often ending up in the overuse and abuse of their substance of choice. Addiction is not a choice and cannot just be stopped cold turkey, it is a legitimate mental health condition that requires professional help from licensed medical professionals and clinicians. Those struggling with addiction often don’t acknowledge they have a problem until they have hit “rock bottom” and are having a crisis. This could be an overdose, financial troubles, or legal issues. However, you don’t have to wait until a crisis hits to seek addiction recovery treatment. Early intervention can prevent serious injury or death as a result of substance abuse disorder. 

Substance use disorder can exist in many different degrees, and the risk of addiction will vary by different substances. Regardless of what substance is being used, addiction is incredibly dangerous and harmful to your health. The longer you abuse a substance, the more you will have to use to get the desired effect, making it a more complicated detoxification process.

What Do Early Intervention Signs Look Like?

Early intervention requires dedicated support and treatment of those experiencing substance use disorder. This often begins with an intervention put on by your loved ones and friends that are concerned about your substance use and want you to seek addiction treatment. Early intervention is often spurred by behaviors or health conditions including:

  • Physical health issues
  • Withdrawn or isolated behavior
  • Neglected hygiene 
  • Financial troubles
  • Frequent substance use – can be harder to identify because many addicts use in secret

As soon as you recognize these signs in yourself or others you should take action. The sooner you intervene, the sooner you or your loved one can seek addiction treatment and begin to safely detox from drugs and alcohol.

Benefits of Early Intervention

Getting help early makes the detox, withdrawal, and recovery process a bit easier. When you get addiction treatment early, you are preventing health complications that could become permanent. The sooner you treat the root of the issue, the more likely you are to have a sustainable recovery experience. Once you get sober, you are more likely to stay sober. Early intervention leads to positive addiction recovery, whether it’s from drugs, alcohol, or both. The goal is to get control of the substance use before it results in life-long health conditions that could severely impact your quality of life.

Find the Addiction Treatment Center

Once you have come to terms that you or a loved one needs addiction treatment for a substance use disorder, it’s important to research different early intervention services available to you. Connect with your insurance provider to gain insight into what treatment styles are covered, and then give the team at Rise Above Treatment a call. We work with your needs and insurance coverage to place you in the best addiction treatment program possible. Once you give us a call we take the reigns and get the ball rolling for your early intervention treatment.

About Rise Above Treatment

Rise Above Treatment is a Murrieta, California based addiction treatment center that is committed to helping people recover from drug, alcohol, and other mental health concerns that are holding them back. We offer a range of services, including medical detox, residential rehab, addiction PHP, sober living options, and intensive outpatient programs. If you or a loved one is experiencing addiction, visit us at or give us a call at ‭(855) 948-6325‬ and begin your journey to recovery.

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