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Do I Need a Partial Hospitalization Program in San Diego?

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When people begin using drugs, they often do not consider the long-term consequences. Initially, all they want to do is achieve their high to either boost their energy or lull their thoughts. However, deciding to use drugs often leads to a severe addiction that is difficult to end. Ending addiction safely requires a medical detox and mental health support. A partial hospitalization program in Murrieta will support you in recovering from drug or alcohol abuse in a safe and encouraging environment. After all, you will need the guidance of medical practitioners, mental health therapists, and peers to navigate from active substance use to recovery.

Why Is a Partial Hospitalization Program so Essential in San Diego?

More than 1,100 people died of a drug overdose in San Diego County within the last year. This total is a 16.7 percent increase from last year.1 The culprit? Fentanyl. While public health officials have rolled out needle programs and considered the idea of drug testing kits, these solutions do not match the power of abstaining from drug and alcohol use. The best way to recover from drug or alcohol abuse is through an outpatient rehab program.

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is an intensive outpatient rehab program. It is structured around mental health and substance abuse treatment. These programs run for a set number of hours per day, from at least three to five days per week. Scheduled treatment sessions will allow participants to attend programming during the day and go home at night.

How to Know if Partial Hospitalization Is Needed

When you decide to get help for addiction, you will need to understand all of your options. A mental health professional and, in some cases, a medical doctor will complete a formal evaluation. This evaluation will determine the type of care that you need. A PHP in San Diego is best for you if:

  • Possess a co-occurring mental health and substance use disorder
  • You cannot perform well at work or school
  • No interest in extracurricular activities
  • No risk of harming yourself or others
  • In good health
  • A supportive home environment that is drug and alcohol-free
  • Self-motivated to participate in the program

Outpatient Drug Rehab Benefits

If you struggle with addiction, an outpatient drug rehab program will present you with many benefits. For example, some people need flexibility in their schedules to continue to fulfill work obligations. Others need to be present for their family. And still, some opt for an outpatient program because they do not want to be in a residential treatment program.

Outpatient treatment can help people after being released from a residential rehabilitation facility. For many clients, outpatient drug rehab helps them make a successful transition from a residential program to their daily lives. Clients will begin to activate their courage and discipline not to abuse drugs or alcohol again in an outpatient treatment program.

Various outpatient rehabilitation options in San Diego will support people actively using drugs and alcohol to self-medicate to find a better method of managing their traumas.

Find the Right Outpatient Rehab or PHP for You at Rise Above Treatment

A partial hospitalization program is an intensive form of outpatient treatment. For 60 days, you will live in a residential program and have access to:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Education to support your personal development
  • Learn 12-step principles
  • Medication management to help detox and later mental health needs
  • Group therapy

On the other hand, an outpatient program will allow you to remain at home and live your daily life while receiving treatment on a scheduled basis.

Whatever choice you make, understand that your recovery and long-lasting sobriety is the ultimate goal. Reach out to the dedicated staff at Rise Above Treatment by calling (877) 641-0717 to learn more.


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